” Your focus determines your reality” has been a long time mantra for this photographer, producer,  musician, filmmaker, and fine artist for a long time now. Over the years he has worked in varying artistic fields and continues to grow as an overall fine artist.

Jack Manning III was born in Rochester, Michigan, the son of a school teacher and a corporate executive, he was, at a very early age, exposed to different forms of Art. Through his childhood he was often found with a pencil in his hand drawing some of his favorite cartoon characters and automobiles. While he was a high school stand out in track and field he dreamt of continuing his education and the graphic arts field. Once he was accepted to Hampton University he majored in graphic design and photography. As his love for photography grew while he matriculated through Hampton University, and he eventually became a full-time freelance photographer. Starting his own business he set out to make a living doing the thing that he loves the most. Visual Arts. His work has been published in Essence magazine, Ebony magazine, BET, VIBE, Source magazine, ABC Good Morning America,, Sister, Sister magazine,  and countless websites and blogs that focus on Fashion, Beauty, advertising, and weddings. He was also selected to be one of the key photographers photographing President Barack Obama’s visit and commencement speech at Hampton University.
Over the years Jack has had a passion for television and film and has been quietly studying behind the scenes in preparation to make his entrance into filmmaking. His first short film, “Flipped”, has been completed and nominated for Best Short Film at the Orlando Film festival. It has been featured multiple times at the Indie Night Film Festival in Los Angeles, as well as many film festivals throughout 2018-2019.
During his downtime Jack enjoys spending time with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

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